Sunday 5. December 2021

Citizenship and Responsibilities

Frank Turner SJ

Citizenship entails rights, but rights do not define citizenship.

“Tišma’s dog”

Michael Kuhn

“We are stuck on an ice floe as if frozen, not knowing what action to take as we drift along downriver.”

The European Commission challenges tax avoidance

Frank Turner SJ

An Action Plan of the Commission proposes essential elements of good tax governance.

The crisis as an opportunity for a necessary deepening of Europe

Michael Kuhn

Fear not only resonates with the siren songs of the populists but also masks the possible consequences of populism and nationalism, whose solutions to the crisis seem to be rooted more in confrontation than in collaboration.

The eradication of poverty in a time of crisis

Frank Turner SJ

In phases of expansion, the poor are the last to gain; in recession they are among the first to suffer.

Brussels:between Athens and Jerusalem

Piotr Mazurkiewicz

We need more debate about the sustainability of our civilisation, about the new model of progress not limited to only material values.

The EU, the USA, and the global economic crisis

Frank Turner SJ

Thus in the USA, many states contribute far more to the federal level than they receive from it, whereas others need significant net support. The system copes without quasi-Thatcherite cries of ‘I want my money back’.

From Euro-crisis to European crisis?

Piotr Mazurkiewicz

The current financial and economic crisis could lead to a political crisis, not only impacting on the EU institutions internally but also causing general political instability.

Economic turmoil and European politics

Frank Turner SJ

Politicians are in disarray over the Euro as European electorates send contradictory signals.

An Ecumenical Ethical Charter

Piotr Mazurkiewicz

One of the important problems the ecumenical dialogue is confronted with is the fact that today the controversies among Churches are mostly ethical.

The social market economy under new threat

Frank Turner SJ

Social protection instruments are essential so that ‘a dignified standard of living can be guaranteed to all citizens’. Part of the purpose of government is to ensure these and the obligation bears on the EU itself, not only on Member States.


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