Monday 6. December 2021

Towards a European energy strategy

European Commission

For Europeinfos, Günther Oettinger, the EU Commissioner for Energy presents his vision for a European energy strategy.

Nuclear-free energy is not enough for an energy turnaround

Church in Europe

At the beginning of this year the world held its breath at seeing the three-fold catastrophe of earthquake, tsunami and nuclear accident that hit Fukushima.

Nuclear catastrophe in Japan triggers new debate on nuclear energy

European Union

Former Japanese Prime Minister Kan publicly contemplates the abandoning of nuclear power by his country; meanwhile, in Germany the Atomic Energy Act has been amended, with a date for  abandoning nuclear power set for 2022 at the latest; the Netherlands plans to build a new reactor...

Climate change

European Commission

The Emissions Trading Scheme

Marketing the EU greenhouse emissions needs adjustment as to be an effective instrument to mitigate climate

Climate change

European Union

Promoting a low carbon economy

At a joint summit organised by the European Parliament, the Commission and the Council, Prince Charles made

Institutional affairs

European Council

Energy and Innovation – afterthoughts at the summit table

Even though energy and innovation policy had been established long ago

Energy Policy

European Council

The EU faces up to its energy challenge

A reliable, sustainable and affordable energy supply with guaranteed sources and contributing to European 


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