Sunday 5. December 2021

Fundamental rights

European Court of Human Rights

The final word on the Lautsi case: the European Court of Human Rights opts for reasonableness

The so-called ‘Lautsi case’ has been one

Fundamental Rights

European Commission

The EU explores future actions to strengthen the rights of the child

Article 3 of the Treaty on the European Union provides that the Union must

Religious freedom

European Council

Persecution of Christians finally given the attention it deserves

Fundamental rights

European Union

Data protection : a challenge for the Churches as well

The coming revision of the EU data protection framework will not only involve debates about law but it will also offer an opportunity


Piotr Mazurkiewicz

Religious freedom – a condition for peace

This year, Pope Benedict XVI devoted his Message for the World Day of Peace to the question of religious freedom.

Justice & Home affairs

European Union

New EU rules for cross-border divorces and legal separations: ambitions and doubts

It has been estimated that out of the approximately 122 million marriages

Institutional Affairs

European Union

The European Citizens’ Initiative:

the corner stone of a European Public Sphere?

The Regulation adopted by the European Parliament

Justice & Home affairs

European Union

Public documents and civil status records:

the European Commission and the removal of ‘bureaucratic obstacles’

The Commission estimates that around

EU Citizenship

European Union

2011: European Year of Voluntary Activities

Almost 100 million adults are involved in volunteering in the EU. The Council decided at the end of 2009 to declare 2011 the European Year of Voluntary

Religious freedom


OSCE Commitments to Freedom of Religion or Belief

Issues related to religion or belief are hitting the headlines of newspapers, are debated on radio and television


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