Sunday 5. December 2021

Are we born a woman or do we become so?

European Union

Now more than ever, taking a stance with regard to the famous assertion of Simone de Beauvoir may have a critical impact on political decision making.

Medical Devices under scrutiny

European Commission

There are currently around half a million Medical Devices on the market, ranging from corrective glasses and contact lenses, to X-ray machines, pacemakers and in vitro diagnosis devices. But are they really safe?

Clinical trials: the pursuit of a difficult balance

European Commission

The new Regulation on clinical trials aims at relaunching clinical research in Europe while ensuring the highest standards of protection of trials subjects.

Do parents have a right to selection of a healthy child?

European Court of Human Rights

A new ruling on access to PGD techniques raises important ethical and legal issues, and opens an unavoidable debate.

COMECE publishes the latest Opinions of its Reflection Group on Bioethics


The principal and most recent Report and Opinion – on the term ’sexual and reproductive health’ – was publicly presented at the European Parliament, during the Week for Life.

A promising European Citizens’ Initiative launched for the protection of human life

European Commission

The registration of the Initiative opens up the expectation that the Commission will propose concrete legislation in this field.

The new EU Strategy for the Protection of Animals

European Commission

For a more balanced approach to the protection of animals EU must at least overcome one major ethical contradiction.

EU Funding for Embryo Research: the hidden Agenda

European Commission

We seem to have here a very clear example of the ‘slippery slope’ argument in action. After much controversy permission is given for a fundamental principle to be breached (the sanctity of human life) because it is felt to be justified by some imminent greater good.

A positive ruling underpinned by fragile foundations

European Court of Human Rights

The ban on heterologuos assisted reproductive technologies in conformity with the European Convention of Human Rights.

EU should update its research policy on stem cells

European Commission

Is the EU going to finance research on embryos and embryonic stem cells under the new research framework program Horizon 2020 ?

The Brüstle case and the commercial exploitation of the human embryo

European Court of Justice

The positive effects of the decision on such a milestone ruling will certainly spill over to other policy fields, starting with EU research funding.


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