Sunday 5. December 2021

Alternative sources of stem cells – scientific bedrocks of a political decision

European Commission

There are alternatives to human embryonic stem cells. Is the EU prepared to take the recent scientific advances into consideration when designing the next research framework programme?

The Brüstle case: a milestone in the legal protection of human life in Europe?

European Court of Justice

The Advocate General delivered an Opinion on the definition of the human embryo that can lead to unparalleled consequences

Research & Bioethics

European Commission

The ethics of the clinical trials pose new challenges for EU policy

The new public consultation launched by the European Commission opens an

Research & Bioethics

European Commission

Stem cells and research funding in the EU

As the consultation on the next research funding cycle in the EU is launched, the financing of human embryonic

Research & Bioethics

European Commission

The new mandate of the EGE

Some of the subjects of past Opinions are likely to remain at the centre of the Group's bioethical reflections

Research & Bioethics

European Commission

Achievements and challenges for the European Group on Ethics

Interview with Prof. Günter Virt (Austria)

Bioethics & Research

Council of Europe

The crushing of maternity and paternity: the risks of heterologous assisted reproduction

The European Court of Human Rights should recognise the existence


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