Sunday 5. December 2021

Dobro došla Hrvatska – welcome to Croatia

European Union

This may come as a surprise but for ages the Croats have been holding most Europeans by the neck.

Kairos for taxation vs. a setback for energy

European Council

An unexpected breakthrough in the fight against tax fraud alongside the smallest possible step forward in the area of EU energy policy, even though both topics are supposed to be equally important.

Winning over the people of Europe to Europe

European Union

“We Europeans are united in peace, to pursue happiness and prosperity for ourselves and for the whole world.”

An EU guided by an Ariadne thread

European Council

In Greek mythology, Ariadne gave a ball of thread to Theseus to unwind as he negotiated the Cretan labyrinth in order to fight the Minotaur. Following the thread back thus allowed her beloved to escape. A method not unlike that being used by Herman Van Rompuy.

Preparing to meet an unforeseeable future

European Commission

The EU attempts a ‘complex but not futile’ study of the trends and challenges facing Europe up to the year 2030.

Fighting over the EU Multiannual Financial Framework for 2014-2020

European Council

After twenty-six hours of negotiations, the Heads of State and Government sealed an agreement on European Union finances for 2014 to 2020.

The crisis as an opportunity for a necessary deepening of Europe

Michael Kuhn

Fear not only resonates with the siren songs of the populists but also masks the possible consequences of populism and nationalism, whose solutions to the crisis seem to be rooted more in confrontation than in collaboration.

Moving towards a rigorous Multiannual Financial Framework

European Council

This time, just three paragraphs were needed to report the failure of acrimonious negotiations at the European Council over revenues from European taxpayers.

The referendum on Scottish independence and EU Membership

European Union

The UK Government accepted that the question of Scottish independence should be a question for the people of Scotland to determine.

A two-speed Europe

European Union

The conclusions of the last European Council of 18 –19 October show that the announced European measures for growth and employment are only being implemented very slowly.

Judgment from Karlsruhe: ‘Drawn-out’ urgent proceedings

German Constitutional Court

The President of Germany signed the ratification document for the ESM Treaty on 27 September. Earlier, the other Member States of the Eurozone had already signed a joint declaration on the interpretation of various articles of the Treaty.


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