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Pope Francis’ geometry lesson on Europe

Church in Europe

The general principles described by Pope Francis to the end that “differences are harmonised within a shared pursuit”  may serve to guide European decision-makers in their process of integration.

The Role of Christians in Today’s Europe

European Union

Herman Van Rompuy, President Emeritus of the European Council, reflected in a keynote speech in the Chapel of Europe in Brussels the 20th January 2016 on the values of the European Union.

Iran and Saudi Arabia: The Religious Roots of a Political Conflict

European Union

The conflict between Iran and Saudi Arabia has political, economic, cultural, and religious roots that reach back to the origins of Islam. Subsequent history has only embittered it and made matters worse. 

What can Latin America learn from Europe?

European Union

Felipe Herrera Espaliat, Chilean/French priest and journalist, asks about the significance of the process of European unification for Latin American integration.

Central Europe and a Democratic Mindset

European Union

A major problem of Central European countries that got rid of communist totalitarianism some 26 years ago seems to be the fact that they still haven´t rooted in western liberal democratic mindset sufficiently. The Czech post-communist political scene offers a good illustration.

The crisis in Europe: upheaval or new start?

European Union

In the coming months, EuropeInfos will be publishing a series of articles that seek to understand the new rifts between West and East Europe.

An Indian Perspective on the Federalism as a Remedy for the EU

European Union

Denzil Fernandes SJ is an Indian Jesuit. He spent some time in Brussels and in his second article comparing the EU with India, he takes the institutional perspective.

Standing up to the National Front, as French nationals and also as Christians

European Union
Ballots for a candidate for France's far-right National Front political party in the first round of local elections are seen as election officials count ballots at a polling station in Illkirch Graffenstaden near Strasbourg March 20, 2011. REUTERS/Vi

In the recent regional elections in France, the ballot results revealed an unprecedented surge of support for the National Front (FN) party. France therefore joins the growing ranks of other European countries which over the past few years have also experienced the rise of the far right. Jérôme Vignon, President of Semaines Sociales de France, comments.

Before Schengen

Fr Patrick H. Daly

Travelling through Europe by train or from the armchair.

An Indian Perspective on the European Union

European Union

Denzil Fernandes SJ is an Indian Jesuit. He spent sometime in Brussels and shares his reflexion on the EU compared to India.

Europe, who is your neighbour ?

European Commission

Surrounded by an arch of instability, the European Union is currently reforming its Neighbourhood Policy. In which direction should it go?


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