Wednesday 26. January 2022

A Summer University for Europe – and beyond

Church in Europe

The COMECE Summer University is developing into an annual think-tank meeting of young and established scientists/academics.

Can interreligious dialogue help in the fight against radicalisation?

European Parliament

Under Article 17 TFEU there was a recent exchange of views between religious leaders of the three Abrahamic religions and representatives of the European Parliament.

'Euro-Islam' or 'Islam in Europe': which is it to be in future?

European Union

Ever since the attacks carried out by Muslim terrorists in Europe, there have been increasing calls for much-needed reforms to Islam.

Why are young Muslims leaving Europe to go to war?

European Union

European converts and children born here to Muslim immigrants consciously seek to set themselves apart from mainstream society. Islam is “cool”.

No to a “nationalism of exclusion”

European Commission

Growing racism and xenophobia in Europe are the theme of this year´s Concerted Action of Justice and Peace Europe.

Attacks that need to be explained

Church in Europe

The attack on the editorial board of “Charlie Hebdo” strikes at the heart of the comfortable illusions we nurture about secular European society. Heads of state and government walked arm in arm through the streets of the capital city of the quintessentially lay state, a symbolic collective demonstration of their repudiation of jihadist outrage.

Giving Europe new hope

Martin Maier sj

A climate of fear and growing individualism is spreading through Europe. Pope Francis counters this with a message of hope and optimism.

Putin’s Eurasian Economic Union: A critical appraisal

European Union

The Eurasian Economic Union takes effect from 1 January. This project has attracted criticism, not least because it includes three states of the former USSR.

Pope Francis in Strasbourg: Modern Popes in Dialogue with the World

Patrick H.Daly

When Pope Francis came to Strasbourg to address the European Parliament and the Council of Europe last week, a new chapter in the Church’s engagement with European society opened.

Re-reading of Pope Francis’s speech to the European Parliament

Holy See

Ignace Berten analyses for us the speech delivered by Pope Francis to the European Parliament on 25 November.

25 years ago: the velvet revolution

Christian Academy Prague

Petr Mucha was a graduate student at the Charles University in Prague, Czechoslovakia in 1989. Coming from Christian dissent circles, today as a university teacher he shares his experience on the Velvet revolution.


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