Sunday 5. December 2021

The crisis in Europe: upheaval or new start?

European Union

In the coming months, EuropeInfos will be publishing a series of articles that seek to understand the new rifts between West and East Europe.

Cooled enthusiasm for the project of Social Europe

European Union

For John Sweeney, Social Europe is too narrowly conceived and should also include the Union’s Neighbourhood.

Refugee crisis: a test for EU leaders

European Council

Qualified majority has brought compulsory relocation of refugees in the EU. But consensus was reached concerning the management of future influx of newcomers and external borders’ reinforcement.

What sort of borders does the EU need?

European Council

With the Syrian refugee crisis, over the next few months EU Member States will have to define what sort of borders delimit the European free circulation area.

A testing time for Europe

Martin Maier SJ

The hottest news topics in Europe this summer have been the Greek crisis and the refugee drama.

Europe, who is your neighbour ?

European Commission

Surrounded by an arch of instability, the European Union is currently reforming its Neighbourhood Policy. In which direction should it go?

Migration: Which is the European Agenda for the Hopeless?

European Commission

European crossroads: Cosmetic or real openness to giving an answer to the needs of millions of migrants and refugees seeking an alternative to despair?

European policy on refugees is flawed

European Council

A border is not only the line, often arbitrary, that delimits an area over which there is sovereignty. A border is also an “in-between” place for meetings or holding a parlay.

EU dampens Eastern partners‘ expectations

European Council

The Fourth Eastern Partnership Summit in Riga was not about making ambitious announcements. It was rather about finding a compromise in a very diverse environment.

Decent Work – The Path to Dignity for all

European Parliament

A few months ahead of the expected adoption of the post-2015 Agenda for Sustainable Development at UN level, the importance of decent work for sustainable development was highlighted at a high-level debate at the European Parliament.

A new approach to Migration and Asylum ?

European Commission

The central goals of the new Commission, in particular growth and employment, largely determine its work programme on migration issues.


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