Sunday 5. December 2021

Reinforcing religious freedom through asylum

European Court of Justice

Religious freedom cannot be reduced to its private dimension, but its various manifestations in the public space are also an essential component.

Freedom of movement in a divided Cyprus

EU Commission

Respect for International Law and Human Rights should be the priority in the EU approach towards the Cypriot question.

Religious persecution: a serious ground for granting asylum

European Court of Justice

When the public expression of religion entails serious risk to life, integrity or freedom of a person, the victim is entitled to obtain asylum in the EU, the ECJ Advocate General proposes.

Family reunification Directive: a common Christian concern

European Commission

In February 2012, COMECE and other Christian organisations published their Comments on the European Commission´s Green Paper on the right of family reunification of third-country nationals living in the European Union.

A Global Approach to Migration

European Commission

The “Global Approach to Migration” has been expanded and now includes Mobility in a more migrant-centred approach.

Refugees in Jordan, Lebanon and Syria: what sort of welcome awaits exiles?

Jesuit Refugee Service

Anne Ziegler is a project coordinator at the St Vartan Centre (Jesuit Refugee Service) at Aleppo in Syria. She describes the alarming situation of Iraqi refugees in Syria and Jordan.

Amending FRONTEX for a credible control of the EU borders

European Union

Relevant changes in the Agency for the Management of Operational Cooperation at the External Borders will improve a common answer to the new challenges.

A stress test for solidarity

European Union

The pressure of migration on Malta and Italy is increasing, while the achievement of a true European solidarity faces problems of consistency and Schengen is going to be revised.


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