Sunday 5. December 2021

A new form of anti-Semitism in Europe

Martin Maier SJ

In many European countries, disturbing signs of a new form of anti-Semitism are clearly emerging. Christian Churches are extremely worried by this new phenomenon.

A Catholic voice from the centre of Ukraine

European External Action Service

David Nazar, regional superior of the Jesuits in Ukraine since 2003, gives his view of the presence of the Church from the Maidan square events to the present day.

Can interreligious dialogue help in the fight against radicalisation?

European Parliament

Under Article 17 TFEU there was a recent exchange of views between religious leaders of the three Abrahamic religions and representatives of the European Parliament.

'Euro-Islam' or 'Islam in Europe': which is it to be in future?

European Union

Ever since the attacks carried out by Muslim terrorists in Europe, there have been increasing calls for much-needed reforms to Islam.

Why are young Muslims leaving Europe to go to war?

European Union

European converts and children born here to Muslim immigrants consciously seek to set themselves apart from mainstream society. Islam is “cool”.

MEPs: Religion remains significant – but in a different way…

European Parliament

In the list of parliamentary intergroups published in December 2014, there is an intergroup for freedom of religion and belief. It has now commenced its work, with clear priorities.

Persecution of Christians and martyrdom in today’s world

Martin Maier

The European People's Party's Annual Interreligious Dialogue took place on 11 and 12 December 2014 in the European Parliament with participants grappling with the issue of the persecution of religious minorities in conflict zones. The spotlight fell on Near and Middle Eastern countries where Islam predominates.

Christians in the Middle East: Can the EU do anything to end this latter-day persecution?

European Union

Archbishop Silvano Tomasi, Permanent Observer of the Holy See at the UN in Geneva, has a record of raising many difficult issues in the area of human rights and tackling intractable problems with uncanny insight and courage.

Freedom to Speak, Yes. Freedom to Insult, No

Patrick H. Daly

Discussion of religion in the public forum can only benefit from being guided always by the virtue indicated by Thomas Aquinas to be the lynchpin of the whole moral fabric, namely prudence.

Attacks that need to be explained

Church in Europe

The attack on the editorial board of “Charlie Hebdo” strikes at the heart of the comfortable illusions we nurture about secular European society. Heads of state and government walked arm in arm through the streets of the capital city of the quintessentially lay state, a symbolic collective demonstration of their repudiation of jihadist outrage.

Facing military conflicts: Is the EU doing enough?

European External Action Service

The EU has not remained silent over the current waves of violence in Ukraine, Gaza and Northern Iraq. And yet, it is questionable if it has deployed its full potential.


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